The cookie project brings you the rarity of handcrafted cookies filled with exotic flavors, just the way it was meant to be. Made from whole wheat, you can enjoy this masterpieces in Ethnic, Contemporary, Kids & Sugarless variety of flavours. Come, bite into this journey of unseen tastes and change the way ‘the cookie crumbles’!

ISO 22000 : 2005 CERTIFIED

Muni Pendawala was initially started in 1958 as a family owned business of traditional Indian sweets in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India. Being one of the leading firms in the trade, our soul objective to endeavor the best quality have earned great esteem by serving premium quality Indian Sweets, Namkeens, Ice Creams & Handcrafted Cookies to all our customers across India and abroad.



An authentic cookie is a rarity, made only by selected whole wheat grains. Being the leading source of protein with about 13%, whole wheat grains are rich in gluten - a type of amino acid, is highly beneficial for our body. Our cookies are rich in fibers which not only help in easy digestion but also, they are low on calories, thus keeping your body healthy.

The ingredients in our cookies have no artificial preservatives, are trans-fat free and cholesterol free to keep your heart happy. We also have 'Sugarless' range of cookies for the sugar conscious & diabetics. It contains high quality Oligofructose - a natural fruit sugar extract with 1/3 the calories of sugar & prebiotic benefits, thus helping in sugar control & better digestion.

Opening Time

From Monday to Saturday: 9am - 9pm
Sunday: 9am - 6pm


Khargate, Lokhandbazaar, Bhavnagar - 364 001
Phone: +91 278 2426581

G-7/A, Leela Shanti, Iscon Mega City, Bhavnagar - 364 002
Phone: +91 278 2225202